Stahl Plumbing Service LLC



Before moving to the Madison area I worked for my family plumbing business in Green Lake for over ten years.  During those years I not only honed my plumbing skills but also worked hand in hand with my father on the other facets of the business.  I know firsthand that being a small business owner is both challenging and extremely rewarding.

At Stahl Plumbing Service we have one focus:  giving you the best service possible.  Service is so important to us I put it in our name.  Service is more than a professional plumbing repair at a fair price.  Service is being able to contact me 24/7/365.  You can simply email your service request and get a timely response.  Service is to give a variety of payment options whether you want to be billed on site or emailed a bill for secure credit card payment.  The choice is yours.  Last, but certainly not least, is service to the community and environment.  By purchasing as many products and using as many services that I can locally, I am doing what I can to support local economies.  Stahl Plumbing Service also recycles 100% of its recyclable waste, including e-waste disposal with a local company!

There is much more I would like to share with you about the business and I hope to have that opportunity.  You are always welcome to contact me with any questions and we will do our best to serve you.    

                                                            - Chris Stahl, Owner

Serving the greater Madison area including:  Madison, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, Monona, McFarland, Sun Prairie and more!


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